Welcome to The Prolog Education Group

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The Prolog Education group has a double objective:

  • introduce schoolchildren and young adults to logic, programming, sound reasoning, and AI;
  • map and provide Prolog education resources, that educators can use or adapt to teach Prolog at all levels.
This is a long-term initiative with the final aim of:

  • Making Computational and Logical Thinking through Prolog and its successors a core subject in educational curricula and beyond, worldwide.

The vision

We envisage a world in which sound reasoning and argumentation are adopted in all walks of life, particularly in conflict resolution. Logic allows people to think more clearly. It occupies a central position in human matters as truth and (sound) reasoning play a fundamental role in human thinking. Logic, however, can be difficult to teach and reasoning can be intricate. These barriers of difficulty and intricacy can be mitigated with Prolog. Prolog is simpler than first order logic, which makes it possible for even younger students to understand it. Reasoning with Prolog is easier to follow.

Prolog is not only an excellent tool for teaching logic, it is also an excellent vehicle for developing computational thinking skills. Computational thinking helps students to solve problems using basic concepts such as abstraction, problem decomposition, and recursion.

Computational thinking can be concretely realized in Prolog, which makes Prolog an excellent tool for teaching computer programming to students at all levels, including young children. To facilitate this, students and teachers, regardless of their location and time zone, must have the support of the global academic community as well as access to state-of-the-art pedagogical tools.

In summary, it is important to teach Prolog to young students because it enables them to think computationally using logic and learn computer programming. Our mission is to develop, provide, promote, and maintain open means to these educational ends. We encourage the Prolog community to join us in our efforts.

Prolog Education is a part of the Online Prolog Community, an initiative of the Association for Logic Programming stemming from the Year of Prolog activities.